In these days of shameless self-advertising I announce that a new edition of my book STONE OF DESTINY will be published by Birlinn in June to coincide with the general release of the film of the book.

Below is my flier for the book. I would like Birlinn to use it but I’m not sure if they will. Birlinn have their own style and I have mine.

Here it is. You will see it until you’re sick of it.


by Ian Hamilton QC

This is the story of the Stone of Destiny…of how last century it went backwards and forwards between England and Scotland. Stolen, recovered, and then sent back on loan.

The Stone is first mentioned three millennia ago in the Bible as Jacob’s pillow. From there the Scots brought it into history. By this humble Stone they knew themselves. For a thousand years they crowned their kings on it.

Then in 1296 Edward of England invaded and carried it off as spoils of war. He had a special chair made for it, The Coronation Chair

It lay century after century in Westminster Abbey, protected only by the mystique of a great English church. But people who keep stolen property in their church have it coming to them. This story is about how it came. In 1950, Ian and three other Glasgow students broke into Westminster Abbey and carried it off.

Believing  it belongs to the Scottish people they left it at the High Altar of Arbroath Abbey where in 1320 the Scots made their famous Declaration…..So long as one hundred of us remain alive we will never give in to the domination of the English…..

The Stone was taken back to England where it was kept until its return in 1996, when Elizabeth Second kindly loaned it to us. It is now in Edinburgh Castle. In this book Ian recounts how he refused to attend the ceremony of its return.

‘You don’t celebrate when the woman next door lends you your own property,’ says Ian

But did Ian and his friends return the Stone they stole? In a dashing foreword he answers that question.

Ian says, ‘After that adventure I had to do something pure, dead, common and boring so I became a QC’.





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