By Ian Hamilton

When the American Colonies fought for their freedom they countered  organised might with Minutemen. Minutemen carried on with their work but undertook to take action at short notice. Today in Scotland we have need of Minutemen and Women. I am not talking violence. I am talking of civil disobedience….of legal disobedience.

Under normal circumstances we have the courts to protect our civil rights but these are not normal circumstances. Since devolution there is no law to protect us from Westminster. Westminster is an English Parliament; English in tradition, vastly English in membership.

Think on this.

Every political institution in Scotland has been created by the English Parliament. What it creates it can take away. This applies not only to Holyrood but to the whole framework of our local government. It applies to every function we hold jointly with England. They have the say. We have permission to agree.

We have just seen how it applies to the BBC. We are a democracy but the state broadcasting system elects to give a voice only to the Unionists. This is manifestly unfair. Yet the Court must administer the law as it is handed down from England. Our say is silence.

Do not think I exaggerate. The BBC is only one example. In a private debate on Calman I heard an English academic say blandly that the Scotland Act would be repealed if Scotland successfully insisted in an international court that it was Scotland’s oil. This would mean that Holyrood would cease to exist.

What would be our remedy? Other countries have their Supreme Court. England has one which struggles constantly with its government. Canada, Australia and the United States have them. Alone in the free world Scotland has neither law nor court to protect our political institutions. Our power, like our sovereignty, lies only in our people.

And our people are an unorganised rabble.

In the piece below I called for a demonstration outside the BBC. I could still call for such a demonstration but I would want to be sure it was organised. We have organised such things before. CND has its protest marches and meetings. Arrests have followed but very few prosecutions. The right to protest is a real right. The arrest of Church of Scotland Ministers at Faslane has made arrest ‘respectable’. I boast of mine.

But CND are organised.

When the BBC uses the might of the United Kingdom to silence us at elections…..when the English political parties use their strength to push through legislation hostile to Scotland such as the Poll tax……when night after night hostile attacks are made on Scottish independence by state subsidised bodies such as the BBC… short when the United Kingdom does anything hostile to Scotland we need to call out our own Minutemen and Minutewomen in protest and in civil disobedience.

Once in my long life the people have risen themselves. That was in protest at the Iraq war. The English Parliament betrayed us then. It will always betray us. They do so daily with Trident. It is too deadly to have in an English port. They force the shame of it on us.

The exclusion of the Party of Scottish Government by the BBC should be an alert to us all. The years leading to independence may be years of turmoil.  We will increasingly be in conflict not with the English people but with Westminster. They have too much to lose….their seat on the Security Council…..……our oil…….our ports for their navy……..and above all their face. They cannot understand that we want nothing more than to be friends.

Let us prepare for civil disobedience. Our duty of obedience is to the law not to our rulers. Let us circulate our email addresses as Minutemen. Let each of us keep a list and when needed the press of a key will call all who want to come. No such list can be private. Let us all exchange our lists with each other. Here’s my email

Who will join?

Head your email:


Our just war must be non violent. Let there be no illegality.  Westminster may not see it that way. There may be arrests.

So let it be.


16 Responses to “THE MINUTEMEN”

  1. Gordon Wright Says:


    Many thanks for your blog has provided me with food for thought and at times inspiration. Your Minuteman plan needs to be considered and the tools for such are readily to hand as the #scotlandspeaks campaign has shown.

  2. Electric Hermit Says:

    I suspect Ian Hamilton may have just published a document which will resonate with the people of Scotland. And one which will echo down the annals of Scotland’s history.

  3. Albert Bigelow Paine Says:

    The courts and crown staffers themselves are Westminster Establishment sychophants.

    This is what Scotland must fight too.

  4. The Immunerable Christ Says:

    ‘Revolutions in the dynasty o’ live ideals
    -The stuff wi’ which alane true peotry deals’
    Hugh MacDiarmid.

    Scotland need its people to stand up now,

    If you only have a few years to give, give it now for your country; Scotland will always remember you for it.

  5. Kenneth MacColl Says:

    Minutemen -

    I am happy to subscribe to this. There are doubtless various options that could attract notice. The Community Charge was brought down by such action.

    EG With the TV licence at around £170 if a thousand were to withhold it the impact would be noticed, if ten thousand were to join the campaign, it could have an impact, if one hundred thousand were to support there is no saying how effective this could be.

  6. Duncan Bailey Says:

    The English parliament does not exist it is a British Parliament and it has done more for you than it does for me living in England. Your comments are tantamount to racism.

    I would remind you the last two prime ministers have both been Scottish born and educated. The current Monarchy is more Scottish than it is English and even prince William is direct decendant of the house of Stuart on both sides.

    So before you get get on this anti English diatribe you need to look at your facts and the facts are we subsidise you not the other way round.

  7. John Merton Says:

    What a depressingly predictable comment from an ill-informed Little Englander (or more likely a ‘unionist Scot) who’s swallowed the “We English taxpayers subsidise the ungrateful Sweaty Socks” view peddled in the ignorant English media.

    Tony Blair may have been born in Scotland but he is certainly not Scottish and his education was at an Edinburgh private school (which is by default an anglicised/if not outright English education), in now way a ‘Scottish education’.

    Her Maj and her dysfunctional family in Buck Hice are no more Scottish than Hillary R. Clinton (i.e. she isnt). The ananchronistic and parasitical English royal family are Anglo-German in nature, genetics and attitude.

    England drains Scotland of resources, both natural and human. It always has done. England does not ’subsidise’ Scotland.

    Read the Crone Report and stop reading the Daily Mail.

  8. Duncan Bailey Says:

    Hmmmmm what a predictable answer from an ill informed Scot. It not England’s fault it is a larger nation and therefore offers more opportunities than Scotland for its citizens.

    The fact that we open our doors with no hint of rejection to any Scot is more than can be said of people like yourself who wear a massive chip on your shoulder and fundementally hate the English and everything English.

    The difference between you ABE’s and most Scots is that they view England as part of their country we all have local rivalrys and we are all very parochial but personally I would stop the English Irish Welsh rubbish as for the most part it’s rubbish and just not true.

    Lowland Scots are Anglo Saxons not Celts those that live on the coast have high degrees of Viking in their DNA not Celt you cling on to this pathetic view that Scotland was in someway a fallen upon nation. The Monarch that signed the acts of union was the House of Stuart a wholly Scottish concern.

    The movement of people in the North of England mirrors that in Scotland so its not a Scottish issue its the north/south divide and nothing to do with England draining Scotland. The South East does it because it is one of the most properous areas in Northern Europe its simple economics and you need to understand it and live with it.

    Population will always be drawn to the centre of wealth witness the melting pot there is in London. Your pathetic jealousy is misplaced and shows a complete lack of basic economic understanding.

    As for natural resources it’s all any outlying region ever has it’s how they make their contribution to the national wealth. Go look at France and the North/South divide there.

    The poor weeping hard done by Scotland does not exist anywhere else but in your mind and those of your ilk. You will continue to blame England and the English as you are sad and bitter.

    Fact we don’t have a grudge against the Scots. We simply don’t care if your Scottish Irish or English you have the small region mentatility that makes it impossible for you to move more than 20 feet for work. If you want independace try it by if you believe Alex Salmond is the answer you’ll be bankrupt like Greece in 10 years.

    Next you’ll be blaming the highland clearance on the English. That was your own aristocracy not ours. Scotland failed to move beyond an agricultural society in the early 20th century and you now pay the price for that.

    I think you’ll find that the German has almost disappeared in Prince William his mother was the daughter of Earl Spencer a direct decendant of Charles II and his father had a half Scottish mother and a prince of Greece and Denmark for a father more closely related to the Romanovs than the Saxe Coburg Gothas.

    Your complaints about the English are really just complaints about London and the South East they are no different from any region of England about London and the South East.

    But so you know here is a direct cut from the Office of National Stats

    In the 12 months ending September 2009, the highest unemployment rate in Great Britain was in Sandwell, West Midlands at 14.4 per cent, followed by the Blaenau Gwent in Wales at 14.0 per cent and Birmingham, at 13.9 per cent. (That would be Birmingham England the second largest city in the country where over 200,000 people are unemployed thats nearly the entire unemployment total for the whole of Scotland a region with a population 5 times bigger.)

    The three areas with the lowest unemployment rates in Great Britain were all found in Scotland. The lowest was in the Orkney Islands at 2.6 per cent, followed by the Shetland Islands at
    2.7 per cent and Aberdeenshire at 2.8 per cent.

    So much for us bleeding you dry. Rather tells a different story doesn’t it.

  9. John Merton Says:

    No point in trying to discuss anything sensibly with an ill-informed, anti-Scottish ignoramous such as yourself. Interesting that so many self-opionated (and sadly rabid) Little Englanders feel the need to impose their narrow views and constantly gatecrash Scottish websites and forums…

    1. I am not Scottish. I am from born-and-bred Kent, now living hahppily in Scotland
    2. Like most Englismen (and Englishwomen) who move north for a better life, it doesn’t take long until being part of the bigger picture and seeing the reality of living in a country which has been taken over by an arrogant neighbour changes previous views (sadly still too common in England).
    3. Scotland is not a ‘region’. It is a country - and not comparable with a mere English county like Yorkshire or Devon
    4. People who reside in Scotland pay their taxes, VAT and vast sums of money from their country’s natural resources and huge whisky revenues directly to the Treasury in London (then some of it gets handed back as pocket money, along with false allegations that somehow Scotland is ’subsidised’ by the ‘over-generous English’)
    5. Scotland’s history is not taught in England, hence the widespread lack of awareness of our northern neighbour and the reality of Scotland’s abused situation within the unequal ‘union’
    6. Interesting that so many people like myself who move up from England soon obtain a different understanding and respect for Scotland after living here and seeing what the situation really is
    7. Very interesting that so many incomers from England who live in Scotland decide to support the SNP and want to see Scotland freed from the suffocating and damaging forced union that has never been put to a vote of Scottish people (it was forced on the country by the corrupted gentry of the time - “bought and sold for English gold”..)
    8. The McCrone Report is a revelation and a copy should be posted through every letterbox in Scotland
    9. The many ill-informed Little Englanders should read it as well
    10. England is also a great country but sadly ignorance, anti-Scottish/Welsh/Irish sentiment and patronising attitudes are widespread (as the unwelcome gatecrashers make clear)


  10. Jim McDonald Says:

    To be honest the above arguments form both sides have been replicated many times. Only an independent Scotland would prove one side to have been right.

    I’m slightly concerned by this call for anti- westminster action. It sounds like you’re trying to justify it based on the BBC exclusion. But didn’t they just hold seperate debates in Scotland for party leaders there? Why would any nationalist be upset by this? Frankly the debates caused a bias against all the smaller parties- I would not see a link with threatening to oppress Scotland, only with a central focus in all areas of the BBC on catering for the majority.

    Does Scotland not still thrive in its own culture and way of life, different from that of England? Why do we need such activism?

    The McCrone report was one man’s viewpoint written at the hieght of the oil price boom. I would suggest Mr Salmond, as a Chief Economist at RBS would have shared this viewpoint at the hieght of the debt boom.

  11. Duncan Bailey Says:


    Gate crashing Scottish sites hmmm says more about you than anything. For your information Scotland as is England is a a subdivision of the United Kingdom it is not nor has it been since 1714 an independant nation. Ireland signed a similar act in 1805 thats why we had teh sucession act in 1921.

    As for Scottish history it is a tawdry tale of of rebellion and faction in fighting. I know that because I have studied it. First of amongst the arisstocracy then amongst the religious zealots that you still have. There may be an orange order in London but we dont take any notice of it and we certainly don’t disctriminate gainst Catholics in the way that is still prevalent in Scotland.

    So before you hold somewhere up as shining light and a beacon for the oppressed you might want to look into the rabid sectarisnism that still occurs in Scotland.

    If you are from Kent then i understand the chip on your shoulder its quite common among the locals who feel dispossed and further proof that you have an easier life in Scotland. That you dont have to cope with house prices at the levels we do on the same wages.

    If you want a little club where you all agree with each other thats fine do it in private not on the internet on an open site. However Scotland is a region not a country

  12. niall robertson Says:

    not quite sure to what extent you studied scots history mr bailey, but if you did then you will know that the scottish aristocracy who did not have their estates confiscated after the 45′ were obliged by law to be educated in england and where inevitably they married into the english aristocaracy:

    the duke of sutherland (stafford) began the highland clearences, so yes it was an anglo scot aristocracy under the watch of westminster!

    sectarianism in scotland partially keeps us devided, mmm wonder why the government does not try to discourage this?

    try and find out how much wealth is transferred from scotland to england before you make comments about our capabilities - you are suggesting that we are not fit to run our own country despite being wealthier.

    i suggest that you educate yourself about the scots before telling us that we are a region - we are a country and i find your comments retarded.

  13. Duncan Bailey Says:

    unjder the UN Charter which is the globally accepted standard for being a country is Scotland recognised? Answer NO

    45 was bugger all to do with Scots and everything to do with the house of Stuart and its attempts to impose catholicism and French overlordship over Great Britain. The Jacobites fought with French money they were armed by the French. You may see it as the final fall of the Scots (the Campbells may se it some differently) I see it as the destruction of French power in continetal Europe, as ever when an a nation goes to war with itself there are winners and losers. Which particular peice of Scotland are you saying is not anglo scottish because only the highlanders have a claim there the rest of you are mutts like the English.

    At no point have I said you are infit to govern yourself so get your facts straight and stop using innuendo to strengthen a poor arguement.

    Sectarianism is something for you to sort it doesn’t exist in the South east we have grown up and moved on beyond that point if you cant then it shows how morally backward you still are.

    Its not a matetr for governemnt religion is personal and those who preach such sectarianism do so of their own valition. Sectarianism as Northen Ireland camn only be fixed by the inhabitants of the area.

    If you are that convinced you are being robbed blind show me the evidence? North Sea Oil hmmm mainly of Shetland who hav said on numerous occaisions they want no part of an independant Scotland as they are not Scottish but Dansh Vilkings.

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