I am taking a day or two off to read these.

Perhaps Haggis and Chips and company can …………………..Oh! Well! It’s a season of goodwill.



Reply to Dougie.

Can’t manage it. A bit too long.

Anyway I want to get Ulysses in as well.

7 Responses to “WAR & PEACE & ANNA KARENINA”

  1. David MacGille-Mhuire Says:

    Seasons Greetings and enjoy the company, a dram, and the books.

    Best wishes

  2. haggis and chips Says:

    “Perhaps Haggis and Chips and company can …………………..”

    Fill in ?. OK, what would Christmas be without a good ghost story, one with a legal theme!.

    Justice (1/2)

  3. haggis and chips Says:

    Justice (2/2)

  4. Dougie Says:

    Best wishes for Christmas and 2012 Ian. You can probably fit in A La Recherche du Temps Perdu before The Bells.

  5. haggis and chips Says:

    “Anyway I want to get Ulysses in as well.”

    I was looking through some books the other day and came across…”The tragedy of the moon” by Isaac Asimov.

    I found this book a fascinating read, not everyones cup of tea though.

  6. John Whitelaw Says:

    I borrowed Anna Karenina from my local housing scheme library in August last year. Never having seen the film I thoroughly enjoyed reading all 803 pages about so many diverse characters. On that basis I would sign any petition to “Save our local Library” Incidentally in stark contrast to AK may I recommend a gem of a short story (only 40pages) by Tolstoy…. The Prisoner of the Caucasus.

  7. Brain waves Says:

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