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When Scotland breaks away England will have to re-apply for membership of the EU.


The most important thing is that Scotland also will have a choice to make. Will we have the self confidence to make it?

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  1. Douglas Thomson Says:

    At an event in Spain in 1999, I met a retired Spanish Embasador (Court of St. James, UN, Berlin, Paris.) who said;-
    “I hope Scotland gets full independance. Then you will be able to stay in Europe when England gets thrown out.”

  2. Dougie MacDuibh Says:

    I agree with everything in Nicola’s speech yesterday.

    With characteristic chutzpah, Annabel Goldie dismissed it as “a triumph of optimism over hard reality”.

    However, is it not the very de facto reality of our citizenship and status within the EU that renders the notion of “queuing from the outside” so utterly preposterous??

    The EU may, after all, have a strategic interest in discouraging the self-determination of ‘new’ states within its boundaries – but the reality is that any policy of “expulsion” would be a complete non-starter – and opponents of Independence are going to have to live with that fact.

  3. Ed Says:

    It’s rather strange to push for independence then concern our selfs with the EU. They will just make our laws like Westminster done for 300 years. How is that independence. Further we may need join the Euro and of course Mr Salmond and co will get the begging bowl out for our subsidies. Yes long we may get independence from one group to suffer the same from another!!

  4. Maureen Says:

    @Ed, we are already in the EU so that won’t make any difference. We won’t NEED to join the Euro, no-one does. And what subsidies are you talking about? We subsidise England and have done for decades. You might want to do a wee bit of research instead of taking the mainstream media at face value. I can’t believe that anyone still thinks we are subsidised, even Darling and Cameron have admitted we’re not.

  5. Ed Says:

    @ Maureen, we may be in the EU now Maureen the question is whether we will be in it if we get independence that is the point I am making. It’s strange to swap Westminster rule for Brussels rule. In so far as not joining the Euro well I don’t agree. We can’t use our currency no one wants it. Try take a Clydesdale Bank or RBS on holiday and exchange it, they won’t touch it. If we stay with Stirling we will be linked to the Bank of England fiscal policy. So we either create our own currency (with what to back it I don’t know, maybe barrels of oil or we join the Euro, which we can only do if we the EU). In so far as subsidies we DO receive EU subsidies in Scotland especially for the farming community, maybe you should do your research!

  6. David Smith Says:

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  7. Hugo of Garven Says:

    “Try take a Clydesdale Bank or RBS on holiday and exchange it, they won’t touch it.” Have you tried?

    I took several hundred pounds in RBS notes to a Spanish Bank and had no trouble changing them.

  8. Ewan MacKenzie Says:

    “Try take a Clydesdale Bank or RBS on holiday and exchange it, they won’t touch it.”

    And a couple of years ago I changed some RBS notes in Bruges with no problem whatsoever.


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