A pattern is emerging.

Almost all the press is against Independence. The rich own the press.

Almost all the independent TV Channels are against Independence. The rich own the TV channels

The BBC has a slant against Independence. The rich appoint the BBC governors.

The rich have never had it so good.

The rich will vote no.

This blog’s motto is:-

All of us first.

Vote ‘YES’ for a fair country.

One Response to “THE RICH WILL VOTE NO”

  1. Dave McEwan Hill Says:


    You describe tories expertly. Toryism isn’t a political philosophy. It’s a pragmatic position that operates on the basis of “what lets us keep what we have” is the position we will support. On that basis the elected Labour politicians, their accomplices and all those who share their vested interests are truly tories.
    All the rich may not vote No, but all the tories will - until independence becomes obviously inevitable that is. Sooner rather than later, perhaps.

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