Hear me on Scotland’s soup kitchens on the link below from Tuesday evening 31st December 2013.


2 Responses to “BUDDY CAN YOU SPARE A DIME?”

  1. Alex Grant Says:

    Nae link Ian?

  2. allymax bruce Says:

    This stanza, an envoy for its narrative, provides a balance, of Man & his relationship with the Divine, to my original poem ‘This glass of ours’. But this is not for Seamus.

    (envoy, of), Man & Divinity
    by allymax

    i stole His soul i made Her weep i hid it in my story
    i kept my part my lot was sealed invested in my glory

    i searched my soul for reasons why
    and couldn’t find anything but me
    and God i asked to show Himself
    no miracle no sign no nothing nothing but me

    i then reaslied i can never be punished
    lest i cannot see Him He cannot see me

    but somehow someway we lived our lives
    our life and times together
    all His life in all my life
    denied and tied forever

    All Rights Reserved to allymax.
    Last Post Productions.

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