New Edition

I have gone on Facebook for a four minute attack.

Try me on Argyll Yes Ian HamiltonQC


2 Responses to “New Edition”

  1. Patrick S Hogg Says:

    I dont listen to many people about Politics because so many are mediocre boffins - esp the opposition mp’s and those ‘lower than vermin’ Tory class warriors i hold in the same contempt as Bevan did - but Ian Hamilton IS the beacon of light shining for Scotland; the carrier of the flame from McCormack onward….I hope your words reach far and wide into our culture and the Scottish psyche is awakened before it is too late in order we win this forthcoming vote in September. I want an invite to meet you and shake your hand Ian. A guid new year to ye and a yours. Paddy S Hogg

  2. cynicalHighlander Says:

    The tide is turning Ian and the breakwaters are crumbling and will be swamped by Yes votes on 18th September 2014 to reinstate what is rightfully ours. Happy New Year to you and yours.

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