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I have gone on Facebook for a four minute attack.

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  1. Patrick S Hogg Says:

    I dont listen to many people about Politics because so many are mediocre boffins - esp the opposition mp’s and those ‘lower than vermin’ Tory class warriors i hold in the same contempt as Bevan did - but Ian Hamilton IS the beacon of light shining for Scotland; the carrier of the flame from McCormack onward….I hope your words reach far and wide into our culture and the Scottish psyche is awakened before it is too late in order we win this forthcoming vote in September. I want an invite to meet you and shake your hand Ian. A guid new year to ye and a yours. Paddy S Hogg

  2. cynicalHighlander Says:

    The tide is turning Ian and the breakwaters are crumbling and will be swamped by Yes votes on 18th September 2014 to reinstate what is rightfully ours. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  3. Rosario Says:

    Edimburghs herald

    Hello. My name is Rosario Grau Baena, im a student from Argentina. After some days in Scotland, and some months to get my ideas organized I have written a letter. I don’t know if it will make you sell more copies, but I am quite sure it will motivate more than one to go for independence in 2014. I think it would be a good idea to show the people of Scotland of what someone from South America think of them. (I did send this to 8 of your local newspapers back un 2012. None replied)

    Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 2012

    To whom it is concerned:

    Last January I had the chance to visit Scotland for the second time, during some days. I was always connected to it in different ways, due to the Scottish school I attended to in Argentina, and due to my family’s history. I had the chance to walk along its streets, to listen to its music, to talk with the people. But the thing that captivated me more than anything was its history and politics.
    The message that Scots send to the world is about something simple. Something that everyone has the right to have, something that many people do not appreciate. Something that you will never notice unless it is taken away from you, that has been the motive of millions of wars all around the glove. Something called freedom.
    Everything I have heard, and read, and still is reading about this country is about freedom. The passion in which Scots tell their history, the pride with which they exhibit the stone of destiny in Edinburgh’s castle, the solemnity in which a resident from the highlands retells the McDonald massacre in their lands. Everything from Robert the Bruce, going threw William Wallace till Ian Hamilton show that Scotland has fought for their country,their braveness has fought for its rights, has fought for their people.
    But please someone tell me when did this story end? When did you stop fighting? There have been improvements, I know, having your own constitution let you decide for your own country in several aspects, but not all of them. That is not enough. Not enough for the rest of the world who stares at Scotland, and wonders what happened with there spirit. Not enough for a country who has lost billions of lives to accomplish one purpose.
    What happened with your conviction? I would like to know what does it feel to be treated as a colony in the twenty first century? Being part of a kingdom, and swearing loyalty to a queen, and having your own men sent away to fight for a kingdom that most of you don’t believe in. This has nothing to do with her majesty, and I am not trying in any way to argue her good intentions. But I think that her, or whoever sits in the throne, should be respected by its country. And that is what I am talking about.
    Scotland you are a country on your own. I know that more than one tourist like me has wondered why you haven’t reconsidered the acts of union from 1707. I am aware of the economic and politic difficulties that becoming independent mean. But I know it is not impossible.
    Impossible was to think that a Spanish colony could be free. That we could have our own economy, that we could have no other flag than ours at our schools, that we would have our own government and that we would have to create our own commerce.
    It wasn’t. I am talking not only on behalf of Argentina, I am talking on behalf of all south America. If we could, what makes you wonder you will not? Every one thought it was the craziest idea, but we decided to turn crazy into ordinary. We decided that that crazy idea would live with us every day. We had to fight, I don’t say we didn’t, and we are still fighting to have a stable economy. But that doesn’t mean it was not all worthy of it. We still have political issues, like the rest of the countries, but we can decide on our own. We are free.

    I know Scotland once sang. We are still waiting for them to sing again.
    Make the right decision in 2014, do not make the world wait for 305 more years.

    Rosario Grau Baena 35072221-N

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