Digital TV in Malaysia

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After being analyzed for quite a while, Malaysia’s digital terrestrial TV broadcast platform has been formally launched yesterday. Branded as, it’s substituting our analogue broadcast system which is going to be deactivated by 2018 within a mutual goal in just four other neighboring ASEAN nations.

Malaysia’s migration from analogue to digital TV broadcast was understood for a while, but using a nationwide roll-out coming quite soon, here is what you want to understand.

In accordance with myFreeview’s official site, digital TV broadcast empowers users to view content with greater picture quality and in higher resolutions. Additionally, it enables content to be sent with enhanced sound quality too such as surround sound capability.

Users are also able to get electronic program guides, that need to be very useful particularly when more stations combine the myFreeview line-up.

The platform is also supplying interactive TV services like home purchasing, video-on-demand, and other paid contents. On the other hand, the precise roll-out date for all these service isn’t yet understood, and the majority of them will simply be available when users join their decoder into the world wide web.

Speaking of that, the decoder is just one of 2 manners that viewers can listen into myFreeview channels. There are now two kinds of decoders which were published by MYTV Broadcasting Sdn Bhd, that was granted the permit by authorities to develop and run the federal digital TV infrastructure as 2014 for 30 decades.

1 such decoder is known as MYTV Fundamental that’s given free of charge to pick Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) receivers residing in myFreeview policy locations. In terms of the true retail decoder, it’s known as MYTV Advance that’s equipped with a LAN interface for Internet connectivity, together with support for Dolby Audio.

For people who are wondering if they’re entitled to the free MYTV Fundamental decoder they could assess their eligibility at MYTV’s official site.

As an alternative, you might even obtain a TV set which includes an integrated digital TV tuner, provided that the speaker affirms myFreeview’s broadcast normal (which can be DVB-T2). It’s not tough to locate them though as numerous TVs and intelligent TVs which were introduced into Malaysia because 2015 already outfitted with built-in DVB-T2 tuner.

Regardless if you decide to utilize a decoder or a built-in digital TV tuner in your TV, the two devices have to be linked to an indoor or indoor UHF airborne so as to obtain the signal.

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